Genre Packages


Give youngsters a reading experience that they'll never forget. We'll get your book, featuring full-color printing, in front of kids with one of our Children's packages. Plus, we can digitize your book as a tablet app or e-book to further capture the attention of younger readers.


  You are the connoisseur of your kitchen, so put your talent on display with a professionally published cookbook. Whether you’re simply planning a collection of your recipes to pass along to family or are looking to become a celebrated chef and want to showcase your talents, All That I Am Books Publishing offers a terrific variety of publishing options to help you reach your goal.


Whether you're writing your testimony, a memoir, biography, how-to or educational book, our Nonfiction publishing packages will turn your manuscript into a published book. We offer five different Nonfiction publishing packages that contain unique services, enabling you to choose the package best-suited for your manuscript.


Each one of us has a remarkable story to tell. As a work of fiction, whether it be a novel, short story, fairy tale or more, a book will ensure that your story lives on. Our fiction publishing packages are designed to help you turn your manuscript into a published book.  


Poetry is written in lines and stanzas instead of sentences and paragraphs. Some poems follow strict rules as to the number and length of lines and stanzas, whereas many poems are much more free-flowing. Poetry is usually shorter than the other genres, but some poems are classified as epic poetry, which is long narrative poetry chronicling heroic deeds and serious subject matter


All That I Am can help you construct your testimony. A testimony is  a detailed description of a person's life. It involves more than just the basic facts like education, work, relationships, and death; it portrays a person's experience of these life events. Unlike a profile or resume, a biography presents a subject's life story, highlighting various aspects of his or her life, including intimate details of experience, and may include an analysis of the subject's personality.